Diagnostic Assessment in Atlanta

The chiropractors and physicians at Georgetown Clinics believe that proper treatment for ailments and injuries lies within the most accurate diagnosis for our patients, and to that end, we offer the most advanced selection of diagnostic assessment and lab work available. Our wellness centers in Atlanta provide a variety of diagnostic tests to provide the best in patient care:

  • X-ray: Long known as an effective tool for the analysis of injury and illness, our medical clinics are equipped with x-ray for convenience and ease of diagnosis.
  • Electromyography (EMG) Testing: EMG tests the electrical activity in in muscles, which may help physical medicine specialists more accurately diagnose and treat the cause of a patient’s pain.
  • Functioning and Performance Testing: Before beginning chiropractic manipulations or physical therapy sessions, our dedicated healthcare professionals will first evaluate the spine to assess the level of damage the spine has endured.
  • Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV) Testing: For patients that experience numbness or tingling, our physical medicine experts will run a nerve conduction velocity test (NCV) to detect signs of nerve injury. By measuring how the speed of electrical impulses as they travel along a nerve, we can determine the degree of nerve damage.
  • Blood Panels: We also provide blood testing to diagnosis specific chronic or acute ailments that could be interfering with your health.
  • Food Allergy and Immune Response Testing: Many people are unaware of food allergies and sensitivities that could be the cause of seemingly unrelated chronic conditions. If your doctor suspects a food allergy may be the cause of your condition, they will order the C3d Food Sensitivity Test. The Food Sensitivity profile detects delayed response food allergy reactions that can cause multiple complications and chronic conditions.
  • Hormone and Adrenal Testing: Hormonal imbalance can lead to a variety of painful and/or aggravating symptoms. Determining adrenal gland function will help our team members create a treatment plan specific to your needs.

*Results may vary

Georgetown Clinics serves the greater Atlanta area and has the diagnostic resources to provide patients a thorough diagnosis before beginning treatments. For your FREE consultation, call us today at 404-255-0666.