Fight the symptoms of hormone imbalance naturally.

When hormones are out of balance in the body it can cause many problems. A lack of sufficient hormones can cause hair loss, fatigue, weight gain, depression, loss of muscle mass and many other symptoms that can interfere with your lifestyle and increase the likelihood of disease. However, natural hormone replacement therapy has been an effective choice for many people, men and women.

Although hormone imbalance can effect patients of almost any age, especially during pre-menopause or menopause in women and andropause (male menopause) in men, hormone levels can fluxuate and drop, causing many common patient complaints, such as:

  • Hair Loss
  • Fatigue
  • Weight Gain (Especially around the mid-section)
  • Slowed recovery time from exercise or injury
  • Depression
  • Foggy headedness
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Mood Swings

By incorporating non-synthetic, plant-derived, bio-identical hormones, our natural hormone replacement therapy can alleviate symptoms with natural plant-based hormones that your body actually accepts and uses as your own.

Natural VS. Synthetic Hormone Replacement Therapy

Synthetic hormone replacement therapy can cause a multitude of side effects. Some of the most common are nerve and joint pain, swelling due to fluid in the body’s tissues, carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness and tingling of the skin, and even high cholesterol levels. In fact, synthetic hormone replacement can increase your risk of certain diseases like diabetes and cancer!

Natural hormone replacement therapy utilizes plant-based hormones (usually from soybeans or wild yams), that match the structure of estrogen, progesterone, and androgen that your body produces naturally.

Hormone Replacement that is Free of HGH

We Do not use human growth hormone in any of our hormone replacement therapy programs. All of our medication is compounded by a licensed compounding pharmacist to be bio-identical to our patients’ hormones.

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