What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

A condition of the peripheral (secondary) nervous system that affects roughly 20 million Americans a year, peripheral neuropathy can be difficult to treat. The challenge arises because, while symptoms can be experienced as tingling, numb, or burning arms or feet, the source of the problem can be anywhere in the nervous system.

Determining the location of damage is crucial because without addressing the source of the issue, it is difficult to offer patients any relief from symptoms, which can keep them awake at night or affect daily activities.

The underlying cause of peripheral neuropathy is sometimes an ailment, as seen with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, but can also be credited to alcoholism, poor diet, a reaction to certain drugs, like chemotherapy, or an autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, or lupus.

How is Peripheral Neuropathy Treated?

Often, doctors prescribe pain management neuropathy medication, but that course of action is a temporary fix, because it only treats the symptoms without addressing the underlying issues. Chiropractic and integrative medicine techniques help to reduce and alleviate the recurring pain caused by this condition.

The doctors at the Georgetown Clinics believe in taking an integrated approach to wellness that incorporates traditional and holistic healing treatments like chiropractic, physical therapy and topical pain management creams.

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