Comprehensive Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services in Atlanta

At Georgetown Clinics in Atlanta, we focus on the rehabilitation of the spine and body utilizing the leading physical therapy techniques in natural and holistic medicine. We understand that every patient has unique needs for their recovery process and create custom rehabilitation and treatment plans that are aimed at being effective while remaining as gentle as possible.

Our healthcare facilities are “patient centered”; focusing on treating each patient as an individual with the attention and detail they expect deserve to quickly and effectively relief them of their pain.

Physical therapy may be prescribed for a number of injuries and ailments:

What Makes Our Physical Therapy Different?

Following a thorough evaluation, your diagnosis and individualized treatment program will be presented to you by a certified physical therapist; letting the healing process begin as soon as possible. Employing natural medical pain therapies, chiropractic adjustments, and the latest in medical pain relief and rehab exercises, we will quickly begin to relieve your pain and inflammation. This includes sessions focusing on home exercises and therapies to supplement your recovery process, increasing flexibility and energy and aid in your increased activity.

Such treatments may include:

Once the inflammation in your spine and effected extremities has been reduced, the body can begin the natural healing process. Our dedicated healthcare professionals, therapists and chiropractors work with your body to begin physical rehabilitation to the injured areas, increasing strength and reducing the risk of pain in the future, allowing your injuries to heal and retain life long health.

We want to help you manage your pain and get back to the life you want. Don’t wait, call 404-255-0666 today for a FREE Consultation!