Experts in Trigger Point Therapy

What are trigger points?

Trigger points, also known as “knots”, are tight bands of muscle that no longer have the ability to relax without medical aid. These trigger points often become so stiff that they can feel like golf balls under the skin; reducing mobility and often causing chronic pain.

The painful symptoms associated with trigger points include direct or referred pain (pain that occurs elsewhere than the location of the trigger point), muscle weakness and restricted movement and flexibility. Although mostly found in the neck and back, trigger points can occur anywhere there is muscle in the body.

How Do Georgetown Clinics’ doctors treat trigger points?

The professionals at the Georgetown Clinics specialize in eliminating pain in many forms. Trigger point injections are the preferred method of treatment for trigger points as patients experience immediate and long-lasting relief.

This minimally-invasive procedure only takes moments to perform, using an anti-inflammatory, plant-based, non-toxic medication called Sarapin. The Sarapin relaxes the tight band of muscle and increases blood flow and oxygen to the damaged muscle, allowing it to relax and increase your range of movement while reducing pain.

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